13Nomad Creations

We deal in the production of a diverse array of creative projects. (Contact us)

Web Design

13Nomad Creations creates highly organized, well designed, pleasing, and easily maintained web sites. Bringing in years of experience as a newspaper editor and writer, we use these skills to take content-heavy web sites, and ensure the content is always efficiently organized.

On the back end, we specialize in sophisticated content management systems, that are customized for each site. These systems work the way an editor would work, because we've been editors. This makes it easy to maintain and enhance your site's content, seamlessly.

Some of our current sites include:

Video Production

We also do video production work, specializing in personal videos with a little more class and news sensibility than your average wedding video. The way we treat it is, we want to make an A&E Biography of your life. We can do any video work, but we specialize in:

  • Sports Video / Year in Review
  • Scout/Player Recruiting Reels
  • Video Family Tree

Videos can include option voiceover from professional broadcasters; optional DVD commentary tracks and subtitles; and optional high-quality original video or use your own.